12 06 2018

“You can handle the truth”: listen to thisĀ  great radio show on teaching children to distinguish real from false health information in Uganda!

Why I wear glasses

12 06 2018

Screenshot 2018-06-11 21.46.31

and see the BMJ article here.


Thanks to UFAW…

12 06 2018

… for some nice publicity for Andrea (below, except unlike the press release they don’t actually mention her, grrr), and a fabulous summer scholarship for Aileen!


Screenshot 2018-06-11 21.40.08



And text of the week

10 06 2018

Exchange between me and Michelle on Thursday:


She has to design and build a way to keep zebra fish in a series of overflowing tanks of warm water (think infinity pools for tropical fish) without them getting swept away.

But what with some materials leaching into water, others bending when they get warm, and her not being allowed to use the Hagen Lab‘s saws herself, the process was starting to drive her insane. Luckily Misha came to the rescue with his own ideas and equipment (he is basically the main reason we would cope with a zombie apocalypse).

Email of the week: “Teasing Georgia” is thriving!

10 06 2018

Lovely photo sent by Joe from his mum in the UK:


She found a rose variety called “Teasing Georgia” when he was doing his PhD with me … and it’s been thriving ever since (that’s for around 20 years!).

Quote of the week

10 06 2018

OK it may have been last week or the week before. But it’s this: “I think we’d all be GREAT in a zombie apocalypse!”, from Aimee, when our weekly lab meeting was suddenly interrupted by a very loud electronic wailing noise outside, as if the end of the world was being signaled. Good to know, Aimee!

Ready to film!

10 06 2018

Here are 16 cameras, meticulously set up by the fabulous Aileen, and cobbled together from a handful I had already, five borrowed from Lee, and 8 bought for Andrea’s primate project.

We’re replicating a small study Emma and Aimee did at the very start of their programmes, to see if the presence of people watching mice alters their behaviour. This is an essential step for validating live scoring, and yet no-one had ever done it before (not least as it’s super dull, labour-intensive work). Our last attempt got rejected for being under-powered (reasonably enough, I have to admit), so this is us getting ready to wade back in and do it all again.