Congratulations to Becky!

17 10 2019

Two months after returning to Canada to take up a new position at Dal,  Becky at last has a web presence (so now I actually believe her!). Congratulations and welcome home Becky!!!!

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Email of the week

16 10 2019

Screenshot 2019-10-16 08.41.42

(From Aileen, on hearing how I’d emailed comments on her paper from half way up Gordon Hill, standing stock still on the sidewalk at 11 at night, having had an idea while walking home.)

In press at last!

16 10 2019

Lindsey’s social learning paper got accepted at last, after not one, not two, but THREE rounds of revision. One referee was like a dog with a bone, though I have to admit the paper’s better as a result.

Screenshot 2019-10-16 08.36.01


8 10 2019

I passed my citizenship test today! (Get sworn in in a couple o weeks…. 3 days after the election).


Welcome to new student Melanie

2 10 2019

Last week Martin swung by the dept. to take grad photos. So, I took the chance to get a lab pic taken to welcome new student Melanie Denomme (here from Western to do a Coursework MSc), and to capture our newly depleted man-free state. (Suspect our chances in a zombie apocalypse have gone down a bit).

Left to right, me, Aileen, Andrea, Melanie, Lindsey and Michelle.

Best group pic? Masonlab Sept 2019

Terrible news

30 09 2019

Friend, colleague and all round lovely person Victoria Braithwaite has just died, after a battle with pancreatic cancer. To the very end she was serving on a CCAC committee with me, and an NFACC committee with Michelle, and looking forward to the manuscript with her name on that me and Michelle are writing.  This all happened way too soon and way too suddenly (still not sure I really believe it).

Screenshot 2019-09-30 17.48.08

Congratulations again to Emma!

30 09 2019

Emma just finished another marathon, this time with husband John. This is them half way and then at the finish, and what gets me is how utterly normal they look, like it’s nothing but fun: truly amazing!

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