Some day this will be me

18 11 2017

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The disaster that is Brexit

17 11 2017

Screenshot 2017-11-17 10.24.21

Oh. And then it happened.

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What would have won

2 11 2017

Forgot to say, this year they same second, THIS would have won though:

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Pumpkins galore

2 11 2017


Hallowe’en saw what could become a tradition: our department’s second annual pumpkin carving competition. Here are Aimee, Miranda and fellow-student Abbie with their strange and complex ‘Lips as red as blood’ featuring a shrunken head made of an apple. Sometimes I think I don’t keep them busy enough…

But it is great that a few years ago, the department suddenly became fun (in part due to a new Graduate Student Council , and a Social Committee led by new prof Eduardo).   So at the start of term – when it still felt blissfully like summer – we had a football match again (Aimee and Miranda are in this photo somewhere I think) and a nice BBQ (here’s me, Alex, and genetics prof Andy Robinson).  Today it sleeted, so this now feels like a distant dream.

Email of the week

2 11 2017

From Lauren, as she does some forensic analyses of our ‘cat faces’ results (one result is odd, and we need to figure out why):

Screenshot 2017-11-01 23.04.14

Makes you feel so safe and protected, no?

Boredom-like states in mink – again!

28 10 2017

Me and Becky’s boredom replicate study, achieved (a while ago now) thanks to Dana and some of her data from her last experiment here. is now out, along with a nice freebie link good ’til Dec. 15th:

Screenshot 2017-10-27 21.24.00

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Your personalized Share Link:

And I should mention this great review paper on boredom too, published by Charlotte Burn a couple of months ago:

Screenshot 2017-10-27 21.28.17

New Text of the Week

28 10 2017

From Maria today, after a loooong day for her and Andy (newly arrived in the UK, just hours ahead of cat Luna) yesterday:img_5703.pngAfter 8 hours on a plane on Wednesday night (this after being driven from Lansing to Chicago ), poor Luna was then held up at Heathrow for another 8 hours (grim for Andy as well, since he too had been on an overnight flight). Maria also reports that this shrivelled her own telomeres to little stubs.

Luna was then taken to a brand new house in which initially only the very highest cupboards were deemed OK:


But it sounds like today she’s settling in. And crucially, now all three are reunited at last!