Neuroscience Day and a big week for Mike

6 04 2012

Mike gave a great talk on Tuesday 3rd at the fabulous UoG Neuroscience Day (which seems to get bigger and better each year – there must have been 200 people there). This was despite him being under a giant black cloud of apprehension about NSERC, who were due to send their scholarship decisions out (by snail mail: are they insane?!) this week. Meanwhile the superb guest lecture by Hymie Anisman ( — incredibly funny considering it was about various forms of misery — radically changed how I’ll structure Chapter 8 of the book that Mike Mendl ( and I are totally failing to write. (Anyone from Blackwell’s reading this, I’m kidding. Honestly).

Then yesterday Mike found he’d won his scholarship –  three years of doctoral money: WOO HOO!!!!!  Mike’s going to be looking at whether early enrichment protects mice against the potential harms of barren environments, or instead sets them up for trouble thanks to negative contrast (the ‘taste of honey is worse than none at all’ hypothesis) ….




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