Heather Kinkaid and Yvonne van Zeeland launch the Utrecht-Guelph parrot survey

21 04 2012

After a tonne of work (it’s taken my PhD student Heather and Yvonne, along with a team of others, over a year to perfect this comprehensive survey, stock it with species images, and have it translated into seven languages), their truly magnificent questionnaire on pet parrot welfare has gone live! Over 500 owners registered within the first few days, even before the survey was quite ready to really run! The registration page can be seen here, so if you have a pet parrot, we’d love you to sign up: http://www.parrotsurvey.com/

Now Yvonne and Heather just have to wait for the data roll in. Yvonne, by the way, is a Dutch vet, PhD researcher, and lead author of the definitive scholarly guide to feather-damaging behaviour in parrots (Zeeland et al. 2009, Applied Animal Behaviour Science, Volume: 121, pp. 75-9). Heather and I have never met in person, but after many phonecalls and approximately 1 000 000 emails, we feel we know her very well and really look forward to some day toasting her and our collaboration in person, in some nice little canal-side bar in Utrecht…