Maybe I should have got a bigger box

14 08 2012

Wrapped up the cow experiment today. The final total is 600 hours of videos, for 16 fistulated cows going through through sub-acute acidosis (in an experiment run by Brian McBride’s lab: peopleDetails.cfm?mypersonnelId=5&lastname=McBride&fname=B). At the same time, their ruminal pH was measured regularly, through the holes in their sides. So …if I can find some poor soul to watch these, we can find out whether oral stereotypies help cows buffer their stomachs (by generating saliva), as has been hypothesised several times but never directly tested before.

Maybe I should have got a bigger box

My anti-CV got a bit better today

9 08 2012

Got rejected by Science. My anti-CV is getting really impressive – I’ve been rejected by some seriously hot journals (and numerous times!). Next stop – PNAS or PLOS Biology?