A McMaster kind of week

16 10 2012

Last week was enjoyably dominated by McMaster (or “McBastard”, as my stepson used to call it when he was little), just up the road in Hamilton. On Wednesday I gave a seminar in the Biology department’s Evolution and Ecology series, on behavioural plasticity and animals’ responses to captivity (adaptive or otherwise). Carole (Fureix) and Mike (Walker) came along. Reuven Dukas (http://psych.mcmaster.ca/dukas/index.htm) was the host, and we had a fun lunch with him and Sebastain and Zac from his group (http://psych.mcmaster.ca/dukas/lab.htm). Then on Thursday Mike went back again, this time with Maria (Diez Leon), to see Stephen Gangestad (http://psych.unm.edu/people/directory-profiles/steven-gangestad.html) talk about mate choice in humans (in part to see if oxidative stress could be a good, biologically relevant metric for assessing aging in mice)