Scoring mink for sexual desperation

25 10 2012

This is Heather (Kinkaid), working with Maria (Diez Leon – behind the camera) to rank for “male desperation” about 88 female-sized “pop holes” used in a mate choice test. Some male mink waited quietly while the females decided which hole, if any, to slip through, while other males tried to chew their way out to get to her. Mike (Walker) and Carole (Fureix) did this ranking too; as did Beagher (Meagher) & Jamie (Dallaire), each pair working independently, and the IORs were phenomenal! We’re hoping these data will now help Dana see if environmental enrichment boosts male libido (half the males used here were enriched-raised; the other half – their brothers – were non-enriched all their lives).