Kitten update

1 02 2013

Sylvie, who Jamie rescued and who Carole nursed back to health, is now a grown up cat. She’s somewhat tiny because of her weeks of starvation as a stray (her estimated age of 12 weeks when found was revised to 5 months when she sprouted adult canines not long after), but happy and lovely. Luke is her playmate – a Guelph Humane Society rescue, and a bit of special needs kitten (cerebellar hypoplasia makes him clumsy): adopted because she clearly needed to play for far more hours a day than I could, and within two days they were in love. Fascinating things learnt from them already: kittens smell odd when they are stressed, and do ‘open mouth play faces’ like young canids and primates. I swear just looking at this photo gives me an oxytocin rush. Kitten update