Stormy weather and turbulent dreams

13 04 2013

We’ve had crummy weather all week, culminating in an ice storm on Thursday night. Agata, visiting family in Chicago, had three return flights cancelled (one a day for three days) before managing to get back here yesterday (this is failed flight No. 3: she was allowed on briefly… before being kicked off again); and Thursday night was restless for several of us. I found myself correcting abstracts in the small hours (woken up at 4am by our flat roof cracking with ice, and branches repeatedly falling on it), since this week has been all about getting abstracts in to the IEC, OE3C and CSAW’s Research Symposium; and later on Friday morning I got this hilarious email from Jamie: “I just woke up from a dream in which I’d waited till ~45 minutes before the CCSAW deadline to open your feedback on my play abstract, which turned out to be super long, filled with references I should go read (including some on autism), and hard to dechiper: you’d divided a long list of words that referred (ambiguously) to different parts of the abstract into 3 parts – “fruit”, “fruiter but somewhat fraudulent”, and something else I just didn’t have time to read”.