“Rethinking Depression” Part 2

31 05 2013

Click here,to listen to Part 2 of this excellent CBC show, featuring our colleague Paul Andrews from McMaster. More on the medicalisation of what might be a quite normal, even adaptive, reaction to bad things happening. (And anti-depressants may leave people worse off than they were before, because they encourage the brain to reduce serotonin synthesis: a controversial idea, but also a scary one..)

If p then q

30 05 2013

I’m hopelessly behind (I think of it as my “back-blog”…) with writing up our regular discussions of “Thinking from A-Z” and the Fallacy Files, but as evidence that we are doing it, here is a note I found in my bag yesterday. It’s my handwriting… yet I have no idea where I was going with this thought!

If p then q

Husky: But I WANT to watch TV!!!!!!!

28 05 2013

OK, dogs have a place on the internet too…

Stereotypic behaviour?

28 05 2013

I love that the prime purpose of the web is to spread cat videos.

Red Lobster/Sad Lobster

27 05 2013

Jonathan and I ended up having to eat at a Red Lobster in Burlington today (long, boring story). The first thing we saw on walking in was this bare tank with all the lobsters piled up at one end under the filter (I counted about 18 animals). I asked the waitress why they were all in a huddle. “They don’t like the light”, she said, “I guess (laughing merrily) it’s really quite sad”. Do lobsters have feelings? I honestly don’t know [see recent paper on pain in crabs], but why not treat them as if they do? The manager promised to give them shade: hope he does. (And I had the ‘roasted vegetable skewer’…)


NFACC Mink Welfare Codes now out

24 05 2013

I was on the scientific committee for this, and am proud that the Code Development Committee chose to make enrichments that we trialled in our lab essential requirements for a good farm (here is the university’s slightly smug press release). Dana, Becky, Jamie, Maria and Lauren also all worked together to send in suggestions during the ‘public comment period‘, many of which were accepted. Click here for a copy of the new Codes.

Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 7.35.36 PM

Google Scholar goes insane

24 05 2013

According to Google Scholar, in the last week my total citations have doubled from 3500 to 6900. While this simply cannot be right (the screwy graph has “artefact” written all over it), I’m going to enjoy this bogusness while it lasts.