Accepted! Maria’s paper on the love life of male mink

31 07 2013

This lovely piece of work, on the enhanced mating success of enriched-housed males and the mechanisms underlying it (in a nutshell: they are not crazy and stereotypic), has been accepted at last, by PloS One. Like Collete’s sex ratio paper, Maria and the rest of us (e.g. Albrecht Schulte-Hofstede) had aimed high with previous submissions, being rejected by Nature, Science and other high-falutin’ journals (losing time and morale in the process). Fabulous to get a “yes” at last – just minor revisions, with one referee (clearly an extremely intelligent, astute individual) saying this:
“This manuscript presents an experiment that is meticulously designed and reported. The results are definitive and valuable to the field of mammalian environmental enrichment”.