I do love a good pun

25 09 2013

OK it’d be ridiculous to use a stats technique because of one punning paper, but I’m tempted. Heather and I are trying to solve the problem that some of her parrot species are very poorly sampled, and some are very well sampled, and the stricter she is about inclusion criteria, the fewer species will end up in her model (In other words we have a trade-off of accuracy against replicate no. with no idea which is most important for power). Click here for a recent write-up of Heather’s project (though one that’s sadly way too optimistic about our ability to get data from zoos). Her magnificent pet parrot survey ended recently and she now has behavioural and husbandry data from nearly 2000 parrots spanning dozens of species…

Screen shot 2013-09-24 at 10.39.39 PM