In Spanish, with a real mink

28 11 2013

In Spanish, with a real mink

Well, it’s mink-ish

27 11 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-27 at 3.23.05 AM

Here is one bit of coverage: just a recycling of the uni press release, but on a decent site. That is so not a mink though! They must have thought, “well, it’s mink-ish”.

Maria’s lovely mate choice paper is out!

26 11 2013

Here is the uni’s press release, though unlike for Becky’s boredom paper, media interest has been weirdly absent (think tumbleweeds and the sound of crickets chirping). Think there’s been to much real news in the world this week, and also PLOS ONE didn’t do a release – that made a real difference last time. Ah well, I love the study anyway, and here is the paper itself.

A first for me

19 11 2013

Never been called a “Silverback” before! I like it! But it’s a bit sexist; I’ve requested to be called “Matriarch” instead, and they’re cool with it. Screen shot 2013-11-19 at 6.19.02 PM

Cats vs. dogs: quality data at last

18 11 2013

The ethical behaviour of ethics professors

17 11 2013

Fascinating “Philosophy Bites” find from Maria (we’ve discussed a couple of these in our group “journal clubs”, I’ve just not written them up yet…).

So: ethics philosophers are morally troubled by eating mammals, but they don’t actually change their behaviour; and ethics books are highly likely to go missing from libraries! For more on how and why, click here.

“Future Research Priorities in Animal Welfare Science” paper accepted

17 11 2013

The International Journal for Comparative Psychology accepted our paper this week. Mike claimed they were the nicest referees’ comments he had ever had! One of them said, “the warning of overreliance on corticosteroids and the discussion regarding sentience, are responsibly written, comprehensive and thought provoking”: I’ve never had someone comment on how “responsibly” I write before! The only downside was that they did not want our lovely “word cloud” : (