Christmas sugar for mice

31 12 2013

Xmas Eve miceThese three mice are leaving their ‘sugarlump enclosure’ after a sucrose ingestion trial (in the dark, hence the mood lighting). We use solid sucrose to assess anhedonia, and to get individual levels without stressing them, we habituate them to these ‘mouse cells’ placed inside their cage that they are shut into, all three in a row, for 30 minutes with a sugarlump each. On Christmas Eve Carole & I ran their third habituation trial, since obviously at first they find this process alarming. This was my first ever go, and I wasn’t good at shutting them in (there were escapes: my bad), but compared to previous trials they gnawed more at the sugar and peed less. We’ll know they are fully habituated when their intakes stabilise and (when summed) correlate with what the whole trio eats when sugar is just placed in the cage.