360 baby mice

9 01 2014

The (phenomenally expensive) babies we ordered from Charles River arrived yesterday: 120 C57s (black), 120 DBAs (browny-grey) and 120 BALB/cs (white) so that each cage of three will be a little rainbow nation of mice.

It was a little overwhelming actually. Mike‘s already busily created 120 cages for them, differing in their degrees and types of enrichment, and intellectually we knew full well this big project would be a major undertaking — but seeing that many mice (so tiny and vulnerable, yet also some of them sparring squeakily with their strange new cagemates) and the room so packed full of racks and cages, I think gave both of us  a “oh god, what have we started?” moment. But all were fine today (phew): they’re all alive, no-one has bites, no-one is fighting any more, and most seem to be snuggling up together to sleep. Once they’ve settled in a bit more, let the data collection begin…