Lab clearout

1 03 2014

On Wednesday, Mike, Maria and Carole helped me tidy our part of the lab. The six garbage bags of science detritus we chucked out included:

  • a nozzle on a stick (function unknown);
  • many home-made bits of behavioural apparatus made of mesh, duct tape, string etc. (some successful, some not);
  • a large plastic tray, intensely chewed (by animal? student? no-one knew);
  • a prototype test for mink that looked like a creature from the Cambrian explosion (doomed to fail, Maria admitted “we had a sinking feeling even as we finished making it”)

The day involved a nice “only in Guelph” moment too. I brought in Thai food as a thank-you, but when I went to pick it up from the wonderful Lemon Grass, I realised I’d left my wallet at home. “Don’t worry about it” they said, “Just pay us another time”.