Leaving party for Carole

2 03 2014

It was ten days and counting to Carole‘s departure : ( Time for a party to say goodbye. Alexandra provided the venue, and we all brought food.

The top picture shows (L to R), Carole, Jonathan’s brilliant post-doc (and Carole’s neighbour) Gerry, Jonathan, me, Michelle, Jamie and Elke, and then below, Carole opening her present from my group (flanked by Amanda and Heather): books of photographs by William Eggleston and Richard Benson. Everyone at the party also clubbed together to buy her an extravagent voucher for the “Relaxation Centre” spa in Bristol, her next academic home. The photos further below show Gerry, Jonathan and me again; Michelle and Maria; and then under that Amanda and Jamie again, plus Walter, wistfully eyeing the incredible Japanese rice cakes that Maria made (they are vegan Walter, you can eat them all).

Party 2