Bittersweet weekend

4 03 2014

Carole flew home at last on Sunday, so her week was one of packing, packing and packing. Saturday I helped her shift the last stuff from her lovely flat (with a trip to my secret vice, Bibles for Missions), and then she stayed with us for her last night in Guelph, sharing her bed with Sophie one last time (Carole’s been our No. 1 Catsitter these last 2 years). We watched a movie, hung out, sorted out a few last work things (the horse paper; the mouse depression data that are suddenly looking promising), ate nice food, and then it was time to take her to Alexandra‘s for a ride to the airport. A teary drive home for me, though I know we’ll be colleagues and friends for life.

Here she is with Lukey, who got all bundled up helping her strip the bed…

Carole and Luke