Very nice mouse enrichment results

8 03 2014

Unlike our last batch of mice, in whom enrichment reduced stereotypic behaviour but showed no other signs of improving welfare, this time (thanks to adding more complexity, treats, and ‘tunnel-handling‘ to our enriched group), we have more dramatic effects, at least in the C57 black mice that Kathryn‘s using for her project.

The enriched mice are once again way less stereotypic, but this time they also spend less time just standing doing nothing in their cages; they spend less time floating in the Porsolt Test, suggesting they are less depressed; and their startle responses are down suggesting they are less anxious (furthermore, float times correlated with ‘standing still doing nothing’, as if this rather unnatural behaviour is a depressive-like sign, rather than the evidence of boredom it was in Becky’s mink research: just the link Carole was interested in …).