MFA show and Shenkman Lecture

26 03 2014

The Shenkman lecture on visual arts and the Masters of Fine Arts annual “Open Studios” show are a highlight of the Guelph year for me, but this year I had to pick just one (it was the day before killing the first C57s and I was busy and anxious), so chose the show.

I loved some photographs by Maryanne Casasanta, paintings by Rachel Crummey and wierd scupltures by Stephanie Cormier, but felt a little dowdy amongst all those hipsters, and self-conscious about the large polysterene ice box full of sample tubes I was lugging about ready for tomorrow…. (Hipster 24: Hey what’s the box? Me: Science stuff. H24: What’s it for? Me: I really really don’t want to tell you).

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 10.39.59 PM