Scary mouse adopters

28 03 2014

I had two surreal phonecalls yesterday.

Guy: Err.. yeah.. er.. I’m calling about the mice?

Me: Great!

Guy: Err, how many do you have? I want to feed them to snakes.

Me: Well, I’m looking for them to be adopted, not killed: so, sorry, you can’t have them.

Guy: Err… Ok. Bye.

2 minutes later, *ring ring*, another phonecall … from the same number.

Girl: Hi, I’m calling about the mice?

Me: You just called from this number! You can’t feed them to snakes!

Girl: Oh, that was my boyfriend. He wants to feed them to his snakes, but me, I want them alive.

Me (thinking, no way): OK… then give me your email and I’ll send you the University’s adoption form.

Girl: Sure – it’s “bieber_fever 101@….”

Yeah, she is so not getting those mice.