CSAW Research day and congratulations to Mike (and Laura & Elyse & Walter & Laura)

21 05 2014

CSAW Res Day


It was CSAW Research Day last week – an excellent day-long extravaganza of welfare research talks. Like the OE3C and Neuroscience Day, it’s become a regular annual feature of academic life here.

Those of us presenting from my group had a practice session the day before, and this really paid off: Laura, Elyse, who I co-supervise with Tina, and Mike all gave flawless talks (I presented as well and it seemed to go fine), and Mike won the prize for the best talk of the day! Walter‘s talk wasn’t flawless as he was nervous, but since his topic is about 10x (maybe 100x) harder than anyone else’s, I really think he deserved that prize more than anyone. The best I could do was give him some morels (mmmmmmmmorals) that I’ve suddenly realised grow on my lawn (harvested a delicious 25 of them last week, and am kicking myself for just destroying them in previous years for being creepy-looking).


But back to Research Day: the keynote was good too – a veterinary researcher from the University of Montreal called Eric Troncy, who presented excellent (but sad) data on arthritis pain in cats: a topic close to my heart since Mouse and Sophie are now 19, very lame, and consume large amounts of bupernorphine every month.