Congratulations to Hamida Mirwan!

14 08 2014

Hamida Mirwan is/was a PhD student of Peter Kevan‘s in SES, and I sit on her committee. She’s been training bumblebees to perform a variety of tasks, to assess what they can and cannot do (there’s not much they cannot do it seems).

She had her defence on Tuesday, and here she is in the public part presenting what I think are her most interesting findings: the hivemates of bees trained to do an unusual task, emerge from the hive able to do it as well (even though they couldn’t see the task being done). It’s as if the trained bees go back home and explain it … In the foreground, David Sherry, her external examiner, takes notes.

And all went well in the examination afterwards, so she is now “Dr. Mirwan”: congratulations!!