Mixed news re AWI evaluation of rodent control products

6 09 2014

A while ago I was part of a team that the Animal Welfare Institute brought together to assess the humaneness of all rodent control products sold by a major hardware chain that operates across the US and Canada.

Mixed outcomes; not nothing, but still rather disappointing. The company has chickened out of a clear rating scheme aimed at consumers. However, they have agreed that glue traps will be moved to the bottom shelf (where rodenticides are currently displayed); that signs will be installed in the rodent control area of all stores to encourage customers to purchase alternatives to glue traps (this is good); and they will also test the removal of glue traps as an in-house rodent control approach in a representative sample of their stores (but how about just not using them at all?).

The company will also work with vendors to provide language on packaging to educate customers about what to expect from products, such as “not an instant kill device” on glue traps (though I can see this initiative going nowhere to be honest). Hmm. Guess we all just have to keep plugging away at this issue…