Tempting Heather to work on mink?

6 09 2014

Postcard from Heather at her cottage in lake country:


“In honour of Maria’s successful mink project defense, here is a picture of the mink neighbour who lives next to our cottage. I’ve rarely seen mink at our lake before. This guy (?) (Maria thinks yes, a juvenile male) is extremely fuzzy, and pretty inquisitive: he keeps popping up in the boathouse and peeking at us when we’re in there, and the picture here was taken a couple of seconds before he walked up to, and touched, but did not bite (!) Michael’s big toe.

Earlier in the season, I was drinking tea by the lake in the morning when a group of 5-6 babies climbed over the rocks right next to me, travelling quickly and moving all in unison, and sort of spilled down onto our patio on what was obviously their usual route to the lake, interrupted that day by me.  I clearly surprised them, because as soon as they saw me, some of them tried to stop, but others kept trying to walk forward, and so they got all their little feet tangled up in each other’s feet, and they all fell over, and they looked like clowns. It was adorable. I think this guy might be one of them.”