Rowe Farms Open Day

22 09 2014

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Unless you drive for 45 mins to Whole Foods in Mississauga, the supply of welfare-friendly animal-based food products is pretty limited in Guelph, and Jonathan and I tend to rely on Rowe Farms. But while they offer “quality with a conscience”, their welfare standards are hazy and not accredited by anyone, so when they had an open day on Saturday, Tina, Derek and I jumped at the chance.

If we had imagined quizzing them on their analgesia regime at castration and their adherence to NFACC Codes, or telling them earnestly about CSAW while handing over newsletters (these stayed in the car: good call Tina!), that soon evaporated as we found ourselves sitting on a trailer of hay bales between small, excited, balloon-holding children, bouncing across the fields to be shown a pond, a pile of rocks, an electric fence, and (at last) the bucolic sight of a calmly grazing herd of cattle.

It was borderline surreal — yet also a lovely afternoon out in the sunny countryside, and not a wasted one either: we did meet the mythical John Rowe, so hopefully there will be more chance of a real connection in the future.