Postcard from Carole

25 09 2014

Moral: It’s TOUGH moving to a new country, no matter how much you wanted to (great news about the cat though).


Wed, Sept 24th

Weight: unknown (better, jeans says I might turn into a skeleton soon); number of bathrooms at my place: 2, number of bathrooms with non-broken dial, tub without cracks, tape not leaking: 0, number of emails / call to the letting agency to get a plumber coming: 8 (3 days harassing them); plumber saying he will come and fix (ouiiii!)… but never popped into place: 1; number of weeks since I applied for parking permit: 2; number of parking permit obtained: 0; number of times I need to turn bills or too small pennies into coins for parking machine (so that I can avoid fines until permit arrives): once-twice a day (annoying); number of fine: 1 (but due to plumber supposed to come so I could not leave my place and go to the closest pub / shop to get coins); number of UK bank card: 1 (yay); account balance: 0£; online access to bank account: none (but due to fucking password supposed to be arrived since weeks and idiot from bank forgetting re-mailing it); IBAN ID so that I can transfer money from France (ideally BEFORE having to pay letting fees): unknown (available online); internet at home (although not helpful for bank problem due to above-mentioned lacking password, but helpful for plenty of things like telling Georgia I’m late on the horse paper): none (no way to get Internet set up with 0£ balance); hours spent working on the horse paper: not enough to be done, number of asking for a delay to the editor email I will write: 1, number of times over the last days feeling miserable / as incompetent as people from letting agency or plumber / bad friend not giving news / bad daughter not giving news / bad researcher being working on neither horse paper nor memorat project: insanely too high to be reported (but due to particularly nasty premenstrual crisis, which – phew – eventually ended!); scheduled meeting with landlord: 1 (this morning); insomnia due to thinking of pros and cons of each argument about getting the cat in: 1 (never ending); number of cats allowed to stay in without need of giving any of the above-mentioned arguments: 1!!!!!

xx Carole Jones