Fame through penis bones

1 10 2014

Postcard from Carole:

I was recently involved in a research event called “Bright Night” (and here is another link): a European event for the general public, taking place this year in Bristol & aiming to introduce people to what research is, showing them how it can be relevant to their daily life, breaking the stereotypes about researchers… a lot of fun!

I and the potentially depressed rats and horses together became the darlings of the public. This felt v nice: v rewarding personally, but beyond that, reassuring to get so much interest from people in behavioural “soft” science… even though I was surrounded by “white coat holder” chemists.

But here was the Question of the Night:

“What’s the weirdest thing that you ever did in your research career?”
“Err … well… perhaps spending 2 hours ranking mink penis bones
(Mink researchers: people LOVED that!)