110 papers

14 11 2014

is what I graded over the last 6 days (each a 3-6 page essay on a different topic).  It was quite the marathon, and had me snacking furiously.

More than 20% got As (and many of these were stunning); the most common mark was between 75-79%; but because of the long tail to the right that can be seen below, the average was 71%.  The unprofessional me wants to post some of the best howlers from this tail online, but I can’t, I just can’t…

I can get away with this though (since it wasn’t my class): a friend of mine who teaches a course on the history of sexuality, once set an exam question on the early 1970’s book ‘The Joy of Sex’. She described this in a lecture as being controversial in the US, partly because the guy in all the (very hairy) drawings was uncircumcised. One exam answer she got back parroted back: “The Joy of Sex was controversial because the man depicted was of uncertain size“.