End of semester rituals

8 12 2014

IMG_1436It’s the end of semester, and there are rituals that mark it.

I chuck the Post-It that’s been on my laptop since August, telling me the classroom’s projector passcode (the UoG is mysteriously protective of its projectors, as though people might sneak in and give unauthorized lectures).

I recycle all the ‘annotated bibliographies’ the ANSC*4090 class wrote as prep for their papers (here are 120 torn off stapled corners).IMG_1440


I admire the wonderful posters they always produce, with this year’s winner (by Elsa Hergel, Morgan Ellis, Joy Lea and Dakshkare Vella) being on stereotypic pacing in captive carnivores, and so particularly special.

I run off to Miami for Art Basel while they do their finals (but religiously check the discussion board as they work on their final exam).

And then it’s suddenly all over.

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 7.06.23 PM