Old group reunion

15 12 2014

On Saturday some of my former group members met up for a long-planned reunion in Oxford, at a newish gastropub, the Punter.

I was a little half-hearted in the run-up; tired, and having only just got to my parents’ house in Kingston after a visit to Switzerland, a four hour round trip involving two buses & four trains seemed a bit of a chore…. but this just reveals what a crummy memory I have.  I was a bit late, and as I walked up to the door of the pub and saw them all inside, framed in the window, laughing around a table, I suddenly remembered with a jolt: Oh yeah … of course… these are some seriously wonderful women right here. I’d also forgotten how brilliantly they got on with each other. We’d not seen each other for 5 years, but it was as if no time had passed at all: such a lovely lunch.

Screenshot 2014-12-18 13.25.37


Pictured left to right are: Naomi Latham, who after a post-doc retrained as a primary school teacher and now hopes to serve on the ASAB Education Committee (which she’d be brilliant at); Hattie Warburton, who after being a pioneering part of the NC3Rs, is now research manager for the Oxford University museums; [me]; Charlie Burn, a lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College and publisher of innovative papers like this one; Ros Clubb, a Senior Scientific officer (specializing in wildlife) for the RSPCA, and Sophie Vickery, who works on animal welfare policy for DEFRA. We won’t leave it for 5 years next time…