Berne notice

16 12 2014

Last Wednesday I arrived in Berne, to give a research seminar there on Thursday. This was great chance for me to take stock of the work we’ve done in Guelph the last few years, and to get feedback on future plans like Andrea’s project (or at least Andrea’s project as it’s supposed to work!) and — looking further ahead — ideas for my next NSERC Discovery grant. The talk seemed to go well, and there was a good turnout including visitors like Beat Wechsler (who works on animal welfare for a federal agency: important work, in this country that shows such leadership in welfare standards).

But, as ever, most fun was hanging out with Hanno Wuerbel and his group, especially hearing from Eimear Murphy and Jeremy Bailoo about their gambling task for mice (we have a similar one for mink, which works fine but which I feel we should desconstruct to re-examine what it really means); Luca Melotti on his cognitive bias tasks for rats; Mike Toscano on his chicken keel bone research, Sabine Gebhardt-Henrich on her past work on wheel-running hamsters, and Sara Hintze on her PhD examining equine facial expressions (on which more later).

Screenshot 2014-12-16 10.10.34

I also spotted this great sign in a hairdressers, while waiting for a cab to go to a very nice restaurant, and have vowed to follow its instructions forthwith.

Below is the tail end of our very nice meal, with Hanno and Sara smiling in the foreground.