“…systematic, inappropriate attempts to manipulate … peer review”

21 12 2014

Just had another interesting & bizarre email from BMC saying “several lines of enquiry point to the systematic, inappropriate manipulation of journals’ submission and peer review process by a third party“, and then linking to a statement from the Committee on Publication Ethics.

This statement in turn says: “While there are a number of well-established reputable agencies offering manuscript-preparation services to authors, investigations at several journals suggests that some agencies are selling services, ranging from authorship of pre-written manuscripts to providing fabricated contact details for peer reviewers during the submission process and then supplying reviews from these fabricated addresses. Some of these peer reviewer accounts have the names of seemingly real researchers but with email addresses that differ from those from their institutions or associated with their previous publications, others appear to be completely fictitious”.

Wow. Wonder if this affects some fields more than others (really cannot imagine it happening in animal welfare).