Stress reduction and migraines

3 01 2015

Met with my (wonderful) GP last week to get advice on the two or three killer migraine attacks I’ve had this year (e.g. one at the ISAE that lasted 5 days). She said her own personal pattern was to get them when she relaxes, and this totally resonates: I often get them on Saturdays for instance, and apparently this is rather common (perhaps reflecting inflammatory responses to declines in cortisol).

So I just did a bit of digging, and lo a paper came out earlier this year, oops, last year (2014), on the topic. Happily, it shows that levels of stress themselves are not predictive (was worrying that although I typically don’t feel stressed, maybe I actually am). It’s relaxing that is the trigger. Ignoring the insane voice in my head suggesting that I should therefore NEVER STOP WORKING, I went away with a bevvy of different meds to try: not letting this blight 2015!