Annual group dinner

17 01 2015

Very roughly annually (it drifts, and then I compensate by hosting a flurry of dos), I treat my group to dinner to thank them for being so hard-working, productive, funny and nice. (Every now and then I hear colleagues grumbling about their grad students, and I always think “Hmmm, I just have no idea what you’re talking about!”).

Here’s everyone last night, savouring the array of amazing desserts that have just arrived (my favourite: peach and lavender sorbet; no it wasn’t like an air freshener — it was just fantastic) as part of a four course vegan and vegetarian feast created by the Sapphire Lounge (thank you Dino!).

Pictured left to right are Mike, Maria, Andrea, Heather, Jeanette, Stephen (one of my new coursework students; sadly Gillian, the other one, couldn’t make it), Laura, Misha, Jamie and Walter.