Mason group runs ‘red herrings’ workshop

28 02 2015

Last week Maria, Mike and Heather led a Behaviour Group workshop on ‘red herrings‘, to share and consolidate what we have learnt from Nigel‘s Thinking from A-Z book and the online ‘fallacy files‘.

I couldn’t make it, but it sounded like it went really well. Here is Heather kicking things off on the day.



We started with some basics about arguments (premises, conclusions, and why not every argument-like statement really is an argument), and then covered ‘Straw men’, ‘Guilt by association’ (including our old friend ‘the Hitler card’), the ‘Bandwagon fallacy’, and the various ‘Genetic fallacies’ (ad homimen arguments, poisoning the well, and appeals to misleading authority). It ended with group-work: Heather set everyone some arguments – real and fallacious – to classify, which was apparently really fun.