McMaster to boost salary of all female faculty members

28 04 2015

What an amazing story! Second time there’s been a good news story for women in science this month; is it the end of bias?!

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Congratulations to Dana, Elke, Misha, Mike and Andrea

26 04 2015

I have quite a backlog of congratulations!

Starting with former lab members, Dana has moved to Australia (with new husband and babies), to take up a poultry welfare research and policy post with CSIRO, and Elke has started a teaching job at the University of South Wales (I never wrote about the rest of her stay here, but it ended up being very very brief, mainly due to her not getting a visa and us not seeing eye-to-eye over how risky this was [me – not remotely risky; her – horribly worried: turns out you can’t take being East German away, even after 25 years]).

Turning to current lab members, Misha and Andrea both won full NSERC scholarships for the rest of their graduate studies, and Mike won an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for the last year of his PhD. So everyone’s fully funded and we’re all set for the next year or more.

Birthday week 2015

26 04 2015

It’s already a rather faded memory, but my ‘birthday week‘ this year coincided with a burst of summery weather. Here’re some of us having a birthday week group meeting with tea and cakes at Ox, which then segued into a great evening with friends at the E Bar.

Earlier that day we got rejected by Nature Methods (rejection seems to be a birthday theme), but this lovely afternoon and evening cheered me up (enough that I spent the weekend writing an appeal). And I’ve not mentioned this before, but last year there was a prospect of Davis making job for me (and then of course Jonathan). Earlier this year that prospect crashed and burned. That all became unimportant once Jonathan got his amazing job, but I think today was the first day I actually felt truly, deeply happy to be staying.

Top L to R = Misha, Walter (who never smiles for photos, but also, is only 3 hours out of his Qualifying Exam), Heather, Mike and Maria. Bottom pic includes Misha, Maria and Walter again.

Birthday grpup meeting 2015

End of birthday week 2015

Postcard from Stanford

26 04 2015

Jamie says, “Hopefully very soon this stuff gets reduced in size and fits more or less into one small box”

Joe says, “Bring back memories of the mad scientists’ lair at Oxford? Jamie is doing a great job – he’s learning so much and taking to it like a fish to water.”

Makes me suspect Jamie was a bit deprived working with me (someone who thinks a gluegun is the very height of technology).


Cold paws, warm heart

25 04 2015

Maria‘s borrowed a thermal imaging camera, to start practicing for the next cage size experiment (we want to find out whether small floor areas reduce minks’ abilities to shed heat)…


Double congratulations to Walter!

18 04 2015

FullSizeRender-3 Walter passed his PhD qualifying exams today! Many thanks to excellent examiners Lee NielMark FenskeLiz Paul and Melissa Bateson.

It was a long morning of difficult topics (the problem of consciousness was not resolved), but he did very well; he also became I think the first ever person to discuss masochism in room 141.

The double congratulations are because he and I also just won a grant from CSAW to investigate the role of conscious emotion in people using alcohol as a discriminative stimulus.  We’ll collaborate with researchers from the Sacker Centre for Consciousness Studies (where Daniel Bor works): Dora Duka and Zoltan Dienes. If we can just raise a bit more money, that’ll be a good (if short) post doc for him once the PhD is done.

Woman in science: good news for once!

16 04 2015

Nice bit of good news from PNAS.

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