Maria is arrested

1 04 2015

OK I exaggerate wildly, but here’s an update from her last visit to Michigan.

Live data collection went well, but it’s been an intense week and I’m really behind in data entry. A broken light timer (fixed now) didn’t help. I also had to nurse a sick mink of  Andrea‘s, and discovered an allergy (or perhaps sinus infection) in one of mine: runny nose and raccoon eyes (he’s doing better now).

So, my routine for the week’s been: leaving the farm late, eating and showering; going back to the farm to turn off lights for the night and change DVDs; sleeping a few hours; going back to the farm in the small hours to change DVDs; going home and not quite sleeping; then going back to the farm to turn on the lights for the morning, change DVDs, and start data collection all over again. I got pulled over by the police one of the nights while wearing my pyjamas (I guess they were hoping to catch a drunk driver, but they just got a sleep deprived one). I was so nervous I couldn’t even speak properly! “Where are you going tonight?” “Errrrr, the place where I sleep?” At the farm the next day, they laughed a lot at that …