BBC documentary shoot

11 04 2015


“Oh no…another penis!” was a regular warning during the BBC Horizon shoot I was involved in on Thursday: checking graffitied backdrops for spray-painted dicks was one surreal aspect of filming in Detroit’s abandoned Belle Island Zoo.IMG_1636

That aside, it was a creepily atmospheric place in which to be interviewed. Presenter Liz Bonnin (left), researcher Ross Mitchell (middle), and director Tristran Quinn (right) had also really done their homework, asking great questions, and aiming for a truly in-depth analysis of what zoos are for and how they care for their animals (sadly not helped by zoos falling over themselves not take part).

So I should have enjoyed it …but they hadn’t quite explained that it’d all be outside regardless of rain, that it would take 6 hours, and that there’d be no breaks to get warm or eat. So I spent the day miserably white-faced and red nosed, with a woolly hat pulled down low over my ears and rain spattered glasses. I do wish them the very best with this, but I also kind of wish I’d said no.