The rise of the humanized mice

15 04 2015

For some reason Nature PG just sent me (and I guess a billion others) this “white paper”.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.13.44 PM

Mike‘s reaction?  “I think this means that in the near future they plan to create a race of mouse-human hybrids that we exploit for medical research/ organ harvesting. This will inevitably lead to an uprising, followed quickly by the collapse of our civilization as we know it. The mouse-human hybrids will undoubtably use all kinds of traps and poisons in their quest to exterminate ‘true’ humans. Of course we will survive in the bright, open spaces of the world (as the hybrids are obviously nocturnal and thigmotactic), but it will be a meager existence at best. So in the best interests of humanity, I must say that these ‘humanized mouse models’ seem like a terrible idea”. So that a thumbs down then.