Double congratulations to Walter!

18 04 2015

FullSizeRender-3 Walter passed his PhD qualifying exams today! Many thanks to excellent examiners Lee NielMark FenskeLiz Paul and Melissa Bateson.

It was a long morning of difficult topics (the problem of consciousness was not resolved), but he did very well; he also became I think the first ever person to discuss masochism in room 141.

The double congratulations are because he and I also just won a grant from CSAW to investigate the role of conscious emotion in people using alcohol as a discriminative stimulus.  We’ll collaborate with researchers from the Sacker Centre for Consciousness Studies (where Daniel Bor works): Dora Duka and Zoltan Dienes. If we can just raise a bit more money, that’ll be a good (if short) post doc for him once the PhD is done.