Losing it in Lansing

21 05 2015

Postcard from Andrea on Sunday:

20150517_181345Arrived safe in Lansing after a swift and easy border crossing. But at some point in Michigan I heard something dragging,  and it turned out this part of the car had got loose. So I drove via small roads for the rest of the trip: fine for most of the journey because I pushed it back up so it wouldn’t drag. 

However 3km away from “home” the damn thing loosened, and I just had to pull over to the first stop I could see. This happened to be a sketchy motel. It was obvious I couldn’t really drive like this, and a man there kept trying to help me — which was fine until he called his friend (without telling me). On seeing another stranger drive into the already sketchy hotel, my anxiety hit the roof. I was on the phone with Enterprise’s road assistance by this point, but I just took off and drove away. At this point the loose thing (pictured right) came right off. I wonder what the two guys thought, seeing me leap out of the car to pick it up before speeding away again? 😂😂😥