Mink release in St. Mary’s

1 06 2015

There’s been a major mink release from a local farm. Details are not in the news yet, but it sounds awful, because at this time of year nearly every cage contains a litter of near helpless kits (they’re on average about 4 weeks old now, so like 4 week old kittens or puppies, their eyes are just open, they’re taking their first bites of solid food and walking about on wobbly legs, but they’re not ready to be without their mothers yet, especially on cold nights like we’re having right now).

Farmers from all around rallied to help catch the adults, check their teat numbers, and then pair them up with the right size of litter (luckily female mink are brilliant foster-mums); one wrote: “a sickening day yesterday … females all over, fighting, carrying kits around, cold kits in boxes crying”.

Grimly waiting to hear more. This is the side of animal rights activism that makes no sense. How can you help animals by harming them?