Postcard from Becky

19 06 2015

Becky was at the ABS meeting in Anchorage last week. Here’s what she had to say;

I was talking to some people when I first arrived and checked in, and when I mentioned that I studied animal welfare, the guy’s immediate response was “Oh, I like some of that work – like Georgia Mason’s”!

(OK yes this is why I’m blogging this!)

My talk was disappointing though, because it was the last afternoon of a very busy conference (with 4 parallel sessions), so not many people came (including that same guy) and I got no questions or feedback.

(Joe ages ago, after he’d first started at Davis, realized that welfare work at N. Am. behaviour meetings is perceived as dull dog-training: relegated to last thing on the last day… so sad nothing’s changed in the 10 years since).

Aside from that the meeting was good – good science, and nice to hear about a broad range of things. I also think I counted six fur stores in Anchorage, and one McCain/Palin bumper sticker.

The day after, I went on a glacier cruise and saw all kinds of marine mammals, includin9_sg orcas and lots of sea otters (with binoculars I could even make out the pup on one’s belly). That made the trip really worth it.