Danish defence

30 06 2015

I’m at Aarhus University’s research centre in Foulum right now, for Britt Henriksen’s defence. It was a very nice day, which made up for the hideous 15 hour journey (the nadir being 8 hours on a packed plane, stuck in the seat next to a loo that was horribly heavily visited all night due to several cases of food poisoning). (This reminds me: last time I visited Foulum I swore I never would again! Oops).

Britt worked with Steen Moller to refine the Welfare-Quality-based ‘Welfur‘ on farm assessment protocol, trying to work out if any of the planned assessment periods can be cut (possibly winter, since the after effects of restricted feeding then show up during the breeding season), and the extent to which it matters when in the breeding season a farm is assessed (it matters, unfortunately). She also did some qualitative work asking farmers about their experiences swapping ideas at so-called “stable schools”.

She did a very good job in the defence, and as always, it was nice see the student gradually relaxing as they realize they really did think hard about every decision over the previous 3 years. In Britt’s case this meant she gradually moved from standing rather rigidly behind the desk, to moving in front of the desk to be closer to us, and finally sitting on the desk smiling and waving her hands at us. Here she is at the end, with me and her other examiner, IRTA (Spain)’s Antonio Verlade, and below that, receiving one of a big pile of presents during the reception afterwards (here from Bente Krogh Hansen, with Jens Malmkvist in the background).

Britt post defence

Pressies for Britt