Foulum day (nicer than it sounds)

2 07 2015

Yesterday I had a good day hanging out with the mink researchers (Steen Moller, Steffen Hansen and Jen Malmkvist, a.k.a ‘the people who always referee our papers’) and their studentsScreenshot 2015-07-02 12.00.39, as well as giving a seminar on me and Maria‘s cage size project. Talking about work progress is always a little unnerving — it’s much nicer presenting solid, detailed stories — but it’s the best way to get well-timed feedback and so was insanely useful.

Wandering round the Foulum Research Centre I was struck as ever by the funky sculptures on the lawns and nice abstract paintings on the walls, all of which make for a very nice atmosphere. When I asked Steen about them he said “Oh yes, there is a law in Denmark that when a public building is built, a proportion of the budget must be spent on art”. How civilized is that? The Scandinvians really do know how to do things; no wonder they score so highly in happiness!