JMP with ALH

4 07 2015

Next stop was Billund (home of Legoland, but also the very nice Hotel Svanen), to meet up with Anne Lene Hovland. I’m involved with her post-doctoral research on the welfare implications of weaning age in farmed silver foxes, and we were meeting to revise a draft MS validating the assay of faecal corticosterone metabolites in this species (as well as to have a good catch up on life, the universe and everything).

The original draft suffered from too many analyses making too many comparisons, and — though dropping data can be painful (especially data from faecal samples collected every two hours round the clock) — sometimes less is more. The morning’s motto soon became “making the faecal paper less shitty”, as we narrowed down the three key hypotheses and best GLMs to test them, and then started to find some very nice clear results… all done on an elegant deck under the Danish sun.