Hot little paws

30 07 2015

So far in the “do hot mink need more floor space?” part of our cage size study, it seems as though mink reliably sprawl belly up when hot, with their hot little feet exposed to the air (although on the wire mesh floors they’re living on, belly down would really work just as well for cooling; my hunch is this is an evolved response).

It’s actually been very hot for them these last couple of days – up to 30 degrees: great for the study in that that’s past their thermoneutral zone, but miserable for them, and for poor Maria who’d had to watch them pant. At the end of each day she’s started spraying them with water so they can use the evaporative cooling that they would in nature. The first time, they were slightly alarmed; the second time, they came up to the front of the cages for more.

The little hot feet of mink