Yay! Danielle made a mistake!

30 07 2015

Danielle and I were thrilled to find out that she’d screwed up a protocol last week. If she hasn’t, we’d have been mystified as to what to do.

She’d worked really hard with Kathryn and Elena‘s student Kelsy to pilot some IHC staining of the mouse brains: together they’d tried our new antibody solutions in a range of dilutions, on slides that were basically straight out the freezer or re-fixed in PFA, to start to get a feel as to what would work best (IHC being something of a black art). The result? All the gossamer-like slices became if anything even more invisible than before.

We were racking our brains (and trying not to panic), when Elena had the wise advice: “anything that wrong suggests to me a whole step got missed out”. She was right: Danielle realized that in transcribing and merging the various elaborate protocols, she had missed one innocuous-sounding but totally crucial step involving peroxide. It was quite ridiculous how pleased we were!  “Take II” happens on Friday.