Sad wispy brains

7 08 2015

Craig Bailey very kindly let Danielle and I use his microscope today – the CAF one is too magnifying, and we wanted to get a good view of at least one whole hemisphere, maybe both, all at once.

As the images appeared on the screen, their sadness became undeniable: tatty-edged, vacuolated, still barely stained after correcting the errors of last time, and spattered with what looked like many tiny random bogeys (that’s ‘boogers’ for Americans), the resemblance to used kleenex was uncanny. Craig was very, very nice and didn’t say anything, but his face was quite unnaturally still as he worked to control his expression.

Well, everyone said this was going to be hard, and that Santa Cruz is just a goat farm. So, it’s back to the drawing board … again, this time armed with new advice from the wonderful Lee Niel. Wish us luck.