Papers papers papers

10 09 2015

This last week’s been dominated by Heather getting ready for her defence on Monday, Danielle writing up her undergraduate honours thesis, and then papers papers paper.

The first proofs arrived a whole month ago for Laura’s paper, and because the requested edits didn’t come with an actual deadline, I only got them in this weekend just gone; Maria‘s two MSs (one to AABS and one to Zoo Biology) finally got re-submitted with changes and long, thoughtful replies to the referees (the Zoo Biology one was bizarre as we were responding to a second round of reviewing, and the person labelled Referee Two this time was very clearly someone different from the person called Referee Two in the first set of reviews: a totally new referee!); Jamie‘s submission to Developmental Psychobiology got rejected even though we didn’t feel the referees’ comments were that hard to deal with (sometimes happens; this whole thing is a crapshoot), so we have decided to ask the editor if resubmission was possible (worse that happens is that she says no); and last night Mike‘s mixed strain paper finally came back from BMC Medical Research Methodology with decent reviews (phew). As Carole eloquently put it, “Browsed through them and did not feel like hanging myself”.